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30mph Records was born from a love of hip hop, it has now expanded into a powerful engine to create/produce and publish new music.

With it's very own studio in the heart of Leeds (UK) artists are encouraged to come through and show us what project they have in mind.

30mph Records has everything a musician should desire, if you are a rapper or singer with a project in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We at 30mph Records are very open minded when it comes to new music.

If you're here to send us your demos, then please follow the below steps.

Upload a private link to soundcloud.

Send us the link with a description of where you're at with the project.

Await our response.
We receive a high amount of demos so please bare with us. We will get back to you.

Whether you're up and coming talent looking to showcase your work, or a tour seasoned veteran, looking for a step up, fire us a message below.

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